How Does It Work

IFA 's objective and mission is to identify talented and gifted players who can make it as Professional Footballers. We at IFA share the same dream as all you young and talented footballers out there who think they have what it takes to become professional. This website could therefore potentially be the start of your journey in making that dream come true.

We realise that there are a vast number of young footballers out there who have raw untapped talent and the difficulty you are experiencing is getting noticed and seen by scouts who are sourcing players for clubs within the Football League.

The Directors at IFA have identified that our next generation of talented footballers can be found within this pool of players who have not been given the right guidance or have simply not been developed or progressed through the right channels to ensure that their objective of becoming a professional footballer is achieved.

It is for this reason that IFA have sourced absolute legends in the game to work with us so that we have unbelievable experience at the right level to ensure that any young footballer's dream is made true.

Being based in the West Midlands, we have linked up with legends Malcolm Page, Gordon Cowans, Tony Morley (which provides us with the Birmingham City and Aston Villa connections) alongside Keith Bertschin (Solihull Moors) and Allan Milven (Real Mallorca Football Academy). These legends are part of the coaching team and will actually be assessing individual footballers during the initial assessment phase. This is to ensure that all applicants believe that any assessment decision made during the initial assessment phase is undertaken by ex-professional players and coaches.

How it works

Phase 1 - Apply for an Assessment - Complete the registration form and call IFA to pay for the assessment fee of £125.00 on 07968 442871


Once you have applied, your details will be registered with IFA and you will then be provided with an assessment slot where you will be required to attend an Assessment Centre. You will then be assessed alongside circa 30 other applicants by 3-4 coaching staff with the assessment day lasting from 10am-4pm. During the assessment all coaches will be given an opportunity to assess your abilities before then arriving at a decision as to whether your talents are exceptional enough to qualify for Phase 2.

Phase 2

Phase 2 - If you are an applicant whose talents are considered by IFA's coaching staff to be "exceptional" or you simply need agent representation then Phase 2 will involve the Directors of IFA and the coaching staff (through their contacts within the Football Industry) exposing such players directly to clubs within the Football League with a view towards securing trials with such clubs and hopefully thereafter making the applicants dreams come true.